Prambanan- Hindu architectural masterpiece
  • Prambanan- Hindu architectural masterpiece

As the largest Hindu temple in Java, Indonesia at all times , Prambanan concentrated all the essence of architecture, sculpture built by King Rakai Pikatan , to demonstrate royal fruitful to the decor temple.

Millennial beauty of Prambanan so far is most clearly an icon in the entrance building Hindu temples in the city center Java.Tu Yogjakarta - city in central Java - it took less than half an hour car bus, I had to get used to be land development where high art of Hinduism in the period from the 6th century to the 10th century with many of the surviving ancient temples, the excavation Neck gave evidence about a golden age of Hinduism in this region. Of these, the most prominent is the Prambanan temple, with 240 large and small tower, a masterpiece of architecture, sculpture, built around the year 856, church three supreme deities of Hinduism as Shiva ( Beings destruction), Vishnu (god of protection) and Brahma (the creator).

                      Overall the main temples at Prambanan .

Influence from India

The influence of Indian culture to Java starting from the 1st century AD. 7th and 8th century to the trade on the Silk Road China Sea is growing strongly, the culture of the dynasty Gupta and Pala Pallava from India were imported heavily in Java, resulting in the residential architecture, temple building was also affected, and Prambanan temples are also among them.

According to the documents recorded, the original name of the Shiva temple Prambanan Grha means "home of Shiva," with the main tower - the largest tower of the 140 tower of the temple is dedicated to Shiva. Prambanan latter name comes from the name of the village near the location where the temple is located.

Based on the architectural remains of the temple, archaeologists have determined is necessary Prambanan are very cautious by talented architects based on the master plan of a mandala diagrams which later often seen in Buddhist Password Tong. According to the ancient Indian treatise, the temple architecture, housing, urban planning Hinduism usually follow a certain order with map squares.

Layout Prambanan

Architecture Prambanan divided into three areas separated by the wall, and placed under separate names: the outermost part of the cluster is Bhurloka temple, symbolizing the human and worldly life, followed symbolizes Bhurvaloka spiritual world, where the central part of the main tower is Svarloka symbolizes supreme being.

Prambanan temple overall including 240 large and small towers, the main tower called Loro Jonggrang include six towers arranged in two rows of the north-south axis, the three largest towers situated in a central location, with the middle tower worship Shiva high as 47m, the remaining two towers and Brahma Vishnu worship. The three doors of the house are facing east - the direction of life - a construction type that are commonly seen in Hindu temples. Doors open to the east is the only door, three-door remainder of each temple are sealed, called gates example, because the Hindu notion that door open only for ordinary people, even magical divine will out at the door example.

Có ba tháp nhỏ hơn nằm đối diện ba toà tháp chính, gọi là Candi Vahana, thờ ba vật cưỡi: bò thần Nandin của thần Shiva, ngỗng thần Hamsa của thần Brahma và chim thần Garuda của thần Vishnu. Trong ba đền này chỉ có ngôi đền chính giữa là có linh vật bò thần Nandin được tạc từ một khối đá rất lớn, còn lại hai toà tháp kế cận thờ chim thần Garuda và ngỗng thần Hamsa, nhưng không có linh vật bên trong gian thờ chính, thế nên các nhà khảo cổ học không gọi hai đền này theo tên mà định danh đền ở hướng bắc là tháp A và hướng nam là tháp B.

Ramayana at Prambanan

As one of the beautiful Hindu temples and the world's most massive, Prambanan is a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 1991, from the beauty of Prambanan detail decorative sculpture, with stories written, from the Hindu epic Ramayana shown on volcanic rock, a kind of local materials in construction familiar in central Java architecture.

When approaching the tower area, will easily recognize immediately the foot of the temple array finely carved lions (Sinha), flanked by two trees of life with the gods protect their treasures birds with human heads Kinnara / Kinnari standing under a tree. Decorative plates Kinnara / Kinnari sometimes replaced by deer, sheep, monkeys, horses, elephants. This is the unique array reliefs of Prambanan distinctions, so the archaeologists are always identifiable sculptural array Prambanan.

In the main tower where Shiva , near the south gate portion magnificent sculpture plaque depicting the battle of Jatayu - birds picture Gods , grandson of bird Garuda - the devil Ravana many many arms in epic head Ramayana . Plate vivid sculpture , scenes are demons Ravana abducted Sita - the wife of the hero Rama , wife Lanka earned island , Jatayu is intense fighting with Ravana . According to the epic , Jatayu lost this war , but knew Jatayu direction of demon Ravana to show the hero Rama after exile back and find a way to rescue Sita . Thus , the hero Rama with the support of Minister monkey Hanuman rescued Sita from Lanka island .

Masterpiece of sculpture

Prambanan formed material is lava rock, not fluffy and soft as sandstone, the sculpture would face many difficulties, but what is left on the lines of sculpture at this temple had a reaching the top level of sculpture in stone.

The most prominent and sculpture at Prambanan is the face Kala on the main entrance of the temple, showing full details of the ferocious, sheltering and protection. Plate sculpture message also sends a message that when people step up to the house, going under face Kala, is entering the realms forever, immortal.

The roof section, of Prambanan corridors are decorated with small towers symbolizing grooves carved diamonds, detailed sculptures are also found in the Buddhist temple in Java, it is decorated in ancient architecture of Java, a décor typical peak carvings in Java in the 10th century.

Masterpiece of sculpture

Over many variations of time , overall today Prambanan intact though not 240 tower as the original platform , but with what is saved , enough to attract travelers from everywhere to come and explore a flourishing period in Hindu architectural art reached the peak level in the old Java .


         The main tower church cluster three gods Shiva , Vishnu and Brahma .

The architectural details of cluster Prambanan peaceful uninterrupted connection and tight .

                         Makala decorated in Prambanan temple front .

Prambanan is not only massive architectural , sculptural rock the very detailed and intricate .


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