Inspection of lightning protection systems is essential : Early rainy season is the time of frequent thunderstorm accompanied by lightning , large potentially not just damaging property ( damage machinery , if levied on combustible materials may cause a fire ... ) , but also the lives of humans . In order to protect the lives and assets of enterprises and individuals should attach to the system whenever lightning strikes to houses , factories , machinery , the lightning will pass energy caused by lightning down earth through earthing conductors and yard . Inspection of lightning protection to ensure lightning protection systems also operate and ensure the safety of human life and physical assets of the employees .

Cost tested lightning protection systems : To get quotes accreditation fastest lightning protection systems , please contact the sales office , in order to get the best price as well as advice from enthusiastic supporters.

Regulations on testing lightning protection systems : According to the lightning protection system must be tested annually , usually at the beginning of the rainy season .

Inspection of lightning protection system consists of something : In fact , the expertise of our lightning protection system is a test to measure grounding resistance of grounding park also lies within the scope allowed or not . If you exceed the allowable range , then we must conduct corrective maintenance checks .