Air compressors need accreditation ?

Inspection of the compressor to evaluate the practical operation of compressed air was safe or not ? If you discover any dangerous elements will conduct procedures remove the device in order to avoid labor insecurity .

Regulations accreditation compressors : You readers may refer to Annex 01 of Circular No. 04 item 32/2011 / TT - MOLISA issued November 14 , 2011. In this position clear : " The pressure cylinders with a working pressure of 0.7 bar to a higher level " is to conduct examinations .

When new to verification compressors ?

All compressors have to be tested , including new bottle factory , before making a compressed air cylinder to operate them must pass technical inspection steps if charm meets stringent requirements to be included in use . Compressed gas cylinders used must also required calibrated using time ky.Trong which expired inspection , the unit directly using devices shall call verification unit down where equipment to conduct examinations periodically thereafter .

When do not need to test the compressor ?

That is the kind of bottle used to store, carry compressed gas , liquefied gas , dissolved gas , the product between the volume (in liters ) and pressure ( measured in bar) shall not exceed 200 , mean smaller volumes 25 liters .

Duration testing compressors ?

According to regulations, the verification period a compressed air cylinder must not exceed 3 years for the first inspection ( new equipment shipped ) , calibrated duration will be reduced depending on the level of use , maintenance policy maintenance maintenance but 1 year or 2 years . The average perennial activity without clear origin , not labeling poor maintenance Binh thin body thickness , external rust or mobile device according to the school, only a maximum of 1 year .

The accreditation form compressors :

- Testing for the first time is the new form of testing is complete fabrication equipment and preparation put into use. During this test the job lot include: ultrasonic weld, ultrasonic thickness, hydraulic testing, confidential testing, operational testing. This inspection must be the most important for the compressor because if not achieved, the conduct repairs immediately if severe can eliminate. Also 1 of the compressor case overseas we enter the first inspection can skip hydraulic testing and ultrasonic weld for the company before they were shipped self-test and post parameters for application The importer then.

- Verification Periodic expiration of the first inspection shall be conducted under the provisions calibrated.

- Verification unusual: done when we transport equipment from one place to another and there occurs the collision with other hard objects or cause deformation, we conducted testing irregularities. Extraordinary expertise can proceed even if the first inspection or periodic valid.

Testing process compressors :

- Check out : this step we use the naked eye can observe Binh deformed or place where work equipment layout is reasonable , external cladding is new or old , thick or thin . Binh have rusted or not , with or without safety valve , pressure meter longer working? This step is very important not to be missed .

- Test specifications: This step we use specialized equipment to test: as ultrasound thickness , calipers , gauges insulation resistance and some tools to adjust the safety valve , watches , leaded ...

Price- test the compressor : Please contact business unit for best cost