Inspection fees forklift:

- Depending on the number and technical characteristics of each aircraft. To receive accreditation fee best forklift please contact the business department.

Regulations accreditation forklift:

- You readers please refer to the circular test the forklifts in Appendix 01 Section 18 of the Circular No. 32/2011 / TT-MOLISA issued November 14, 2011. In this position clear: "Forklift using motor line has a capacity of 1,000 kg or more "is to conduct examinations.

Time to test the forklifts:

- Do inspectors directly accreditation decision but a maximum of 03 years.

Forklift testing process:

- Check out: this step we use visually observe whether new or used forklift; Wheels have not worn, not worn; Lifting cylinder seals of dynamic frame, chassis tilt cylinders ... with oil or melted; mirrors, horn, lights are not; forklift worn, deformed, cracked or not; ...

- Test specifications: This step we use specialized equipment to test: as rangefinder, size scissors, calipers, then proceed to try to download ...

Inspection cycle forklift :

- As a rule , the duration of testing a vehicle lifting no more than 3 years for the first inspection ( new devices enter the unused ever and only 1 single ) . Or periodic inspection of the first inspection for used cars , the time limit will be reduced depending on the level of use , maintenance mode , but 1 year or 6 months .

When new forklifts to conduct examinations ?

- All forklifts have the design load of 1,000 kg or more and are used to test the engine including the new lift truck shipments (regardless of forklift oil or electric forklifts, standing or sitting driver driving), before putting a forklift at work, the unit used to conduct testing to assess the technical condition of vehicles present if new safety car put into use. Also there are many questions as forklifts, electric forklifts hand or under 1000kg lifting capacity not need accreditation? Please answer always was under Appendix 01 Section 18 of the Circular 32/2011 / TT-MOLISA issued November 14, 2011. In this position clear: "Forklift trucks with engine capacity of 1,000 kg or more new "must conduct examinations on the remaining two cases without accreditation. Forklift navigation but also use electric motors - hydraulic lifting and greater lifting capacity 1000kg still testing.

Verification form forklifts:

- Verification forklifts first: a form of accreditation as new forklift has shipped or imported. Initial testing relatively strenuous than having technical documentation for vehicle, measuring the size, drawing ...

- Verification forklift Periodic expiration of the first inspection shall be conducted under the provisions calibrated. Normal calibrated based on the parameters of the previous inspection visits to evaluate facility.

- Verification forklift unusual: done when we transport equipment from one place to another and removable working parts or after conducting major repairs, we conducted testing irregularities. Extraordinary expertise can proceed even if the first inspection or periodic valid.

Forklift calibration standards :

- ISO 4244-2005 : Lifting equipment design, manufacturing and test engineering.

- ISO 5206-1990 : Hoists Ha street safety requirements for the counterbalance weight and stability .

- ISO 4755-1989 : Need shaft Safety requirements for hydraulic equipment .

- ISO 5209-1990 : Lifting Machines - Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment .

- TCVN 5179-90 : Hoists Ha- Request hydrostatically tested for safety .

- ISO 5207-1990 : Lifting Machines - General Safety Requirements .