• Design consultancy

    Design consultancy

  • Construction


    Participate in bidding , estimating a price to the investor , establish ground preparation

  • Expertise of works

    Expertise of works

    Survey work status quo , identify and assess cause damage if any . Design and technical measures reinforced construction and renovation works . Review the existing value of the construction works . Accreditation for renovation or upgrading works
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Thuong Cat often provide project management services , comprehensive monitoring on behalf of the investors operating the project schedule, quality and cost under permit . Project management role also includes legal management , helping investors and explanatory report and the relevant authorities when necessary . The project manager of Thuong Cat began when conceiving until the delivery of the works put into use . PMU will be based in the investor's needs in order to maximize the quality of the project in the context of compliance with standards , regulations and legal requirements .     


  • Supervision Consultant

    Supervision Consultant


     Thuong Cat  often provide consulting services on behalf of comprehensive monitoring operating investors with quality projects. Advisory supervisory role also includes legal management, helping investors and explanatory report and the relevant authorities when necessary.
  • Bidding consultancy bidding

    Bidding consultancy bidding

    Thuong Cat often provide expense management services investment feasibility study phase , bidding , design , selecting contractors and contract consulting . Sand often also provide service cost estimates , construction cost control , billing and settlement .
  • Verification of design - Estimate

    Verification of design - Estimate

    Thuong Cat often provide design verification services and comprehensive cost estimates to help investors secure design approval and savings . Often verification service of Cat always create credibility and reliability , choice and value .
  • Surveying and Geodesy

    Surveying and Geodesy

    Geological survey and construction terrain . Geodesic and cartographic activities ; Investigation services , surveying and mapping ; Mapping and spatial information .