Thuong Cat  often provide consulting services on behalf of comprehensive monitoring operating investors with quality projects. Advisory supervisory role also includes legal management, helping investors and explanatory report and the relevant authorities when necessary.
Supervision of construction works. Check the specifications of materials and semi-finished products used by construction works. Check equipment specifications, technical requirements, volume and quality of work at the request of the technical design. Help investors to formulate, assemble records partial acceptance, stage and public acceptance and put into use and consulting the legal procedures under the regulations on quality control of state issued.
Group supervisison of Thuong Cat include the architects and engineers of the structural and mechanical and electrical disciplines, estimates for each member to serve specific projects. Consulting services supervision
 of Thuong Cat can perform with local languages ​​and international (English) and meets all international standards and local information (such as BSI, Eurocode, AS, ASTM, ACI ...) and in accordance with FIDIC standards.
Construction supervision of construction work , including:
1. Acceptance test verified the construction works were secured properly designed , according to the regulations , building standards and quality assurance ;
2.  Require construction contractors to comply with the contract ;
3.  Refuse to accept them as works of unsatisfactory quality ;
4.  Recommend works with investors these irrationalities designed to promptly amended ;

Construction consultancy other