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Interior design is suitable for the purpose

You use the living room to entertain, welcome friends or whatever, the room design must revolve around that purpose. You use the room to watch TV, bigger than you want to turn that place into a miniature cinema?

Or alternatively, you can choose a fireplace or bookshelf as a center if you want the room to read books, drink tea, melodious music, display artworks, will the fireplace or bookshelf do The quiet, warm space you need.

If your living room is open space, with open view, technology restriction, not sitting on the sofa watching TV, you can design a large window, set the directional chair overlooking the garden, relax, think heaven However, the peacefulness exists before the eyes.

Choosing the way of interior design in accordance with the purpose, smart investment of light source system will save costs and optimize space.

Open space or separate?

You need to identify that room as a space separate from every other room or overlap with many open, multi-functional spaces.

If it is just a separate space for teenagers, you should have a TV, entertainment games to live with friends. This will not affect adults.

On the other hand, you want to create an open space, the kitchen, dining room and living area should overlap. This layout often allows interaction with families more.

Usually, the solution is a combination of both, in which the rooms are separated by large doors, sliding doors, ensuring that there is still a defined living room space.

Analyzing movement flows

Once you have defined the purpose of the room design, then you need to analyze the user's flow to place the furniture reasonably so that people move in and out most conveniently. Arrange furniture, create flow without blocking the TV area, reading will not affect other users.

Take advantage of storage space
Analyzing movement flows

Consider the living room storage solutions in your design. Benches or armchairs along a wall of the living room can combine storage for DVDs and home entertainment devices and still provide more seats.

Smart lighting system design

A living room can have many different functions and the key to solving this is proper lighting, space separation. Customized brightness, light color will help creative, outstanding space.



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