Bedroom must be airy

For the bedroom, the first thing is to be airy. In the air there is 21% O2 gas and 78% nitrogen gas, this content is always stable. But in a closed bedroom, the O2 content will gradually decrease and increase the CO2 content. This CO2 is very harmful to the nervous system, making sleep bad but also tired.

In order to minimize CO2, the bedroom, though beautiful, must still be well ventilated and the air can circulate well in the room. In particular, there are now quite a number of bedrooms fitted with air-conditioners but forget about fans and ventilation equipment. This reduces the amount of O2 in the room. Therefore, you should make a vents and have exhaust fans to ensure the air is always circulating.

Low bedroom temperature

Of the factors that go to sleep of the organism, there is an extremely important factor: temperature. The lower the temperature, the faster your body will fall asleep. If the temperature is too low the body may even hibernate (heart rate and body temperature decrease) to protect the body. You may find it easy to sleep well in the winter if you have a warm and open blanket or a summer blanket. So, to make the bedroom standard, design more air conditioning (2-way possible).

Light color

The color of the bedroom is also carefully considered when designing the interior for the room. Usually the bedroom when designing furniture you should choose to design with light colors such as white, gray, white gray, light yellow, light green will bring a pleasant feeling when you are in the bedroom. Besides, beds with bedside cabinets need to keep the rustic wood color with prominent and clear wood lines to help make the room more attractive and softer.

Use less electronic equipment

It is normal to have modern appliances such as televisions or chandeliers in the modern bedroom, but a small bedroom is not necessary because it will produce heat, light, and at the same time difficult to make friends. get into sleep. Therefore, you should limit the use of electronics to bring health to family members.

Restrict items

When there are lots of things in the room that make the room cramped, when you have to see a lot of complicated things, you will feel stressed, difficult to sleep. In addition, there are many things that make the room hot, and also make shelter for mosquitoes.

Easy circulation with restrooms

In the bedroom can be connected to the bathroom to easily go to the toilet, if the bedroom is far from the toilet, it is not convenient for night travel. However, the bed must be placed at the top of the wind direction.



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