From the advice of top experts, you only need a few small changes in the decor that can adjust the room to fit feng shui, bringing a good energy source for life:

1. Bed and sleep

Locating a bed for feng shui means finding a place for your bed to have the best energy in the bedroom. Each bed has its own strengths. Knowing how to find a good bed can help you create an excellent feng shui energy in the bedroom.

However, there are some beds that you should avoid because there is no good feng shui. It is the bedside table not close to the wall, bed in the middle of the room; The bed is located directly opposite and located in a straight line with the entrance.

If the bed cannot be moved, turn the other direction to sleep. You should not put a bed in a position where there are too many messy furniture or a bed under a window.

If the bed can be based on two walls opposite the door (or vice versa or cross with the door) and it is in the direction of feng shui your fortune will help you improve the financial situation, inviting more business opportunities and work for you.

2. The color of the room

Color is a sign of light. We use colors to express emotions, communicate different messages, and we can use colors as a way to share energy.

Suitable color bedrooms or art paintings can also provide a powerful source of energy for homeowners. Some colors that experts recommend using should be suitable for feng shui.

Specifically, in feng shui are divided into the destiny such as Moc - Thuy - Fire - Kim - Thuy. With each destiny, there will be different colors to bring luck to each other.

For the people of Moc wood, choose yellow, green, and blue wood. The destiny Thuy can use metal beds or wooden beds because of Kim Sinh Thuy and Aquatic Life. People who love Fire should choose wooden beds in red, blue, and yellow. People of Kim can sleep in iron and blue beds.

3. Curtains and windows

If you are an apartment, a room with a door available should use a curtain to adjust the light. Bedroom should not have too much light, whether it is sunlight or light. You should only decorate so that the room has a harmonious, cool color. So new feng shui for the room.

4. Limit the decoration of bedrooms with green trees

In your bedroom, you should limit the placement of plants and things such as rockery, artificial waterfalls and aquariums because these things will disturb your sleep, making your sleep not deep or incomplete. On the other hand, green trees at night will breathe out the gas, the pollen from fresh flowers has a bad effect on the respiratory system in small and closed spaces like bedrooms.

5. Mirror

Did you know that a mirror facing the bed is a certain thing to avoid for the bedroom. Mirrors from closet doors, mirrors from a piece of furniture or free standing mirrors ... you should not reflect your bed.



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