Select the dark floor color to increase the height for the room

Plywood flooring with a darker shade is a way to increase the depth and height of the room. So, if you own a small home, narrow ceiling, apply this method to help your house become taller and wider.

Floor mats made of brick

Speaking of floor mats, we often associate with cotton fabrics, with soft feathers, but few think of floor mats made of bricks. With a little subtlety and craftsmanship you can design small bricks into large rectangles that resemble large floor mats with other materials. You can use dark slabs to make floor mats that work as accents and create contrast and color for the entire room.

Use white to feel the quiet

You are a quiet lover, so it's no good suggesting using a white or cream-colored watercolor to paint the floor. These colors will bring a sense of relaxation, avoid the mystery than the colorful, glittering.

Combines different types of tiles

If you do not know how to mix color and type of brick will make your house more glamorous. So, be skillful in combining small bricks with complex shapes and shapes. Or you use two tones of interwoven color that are arranged into purposeful cubes that also make an impression.

Highlights for the whole room

You can also create highlights by combining two different ingredients, or two ingredients in the same space. For example, combining brick with wood, wood with wood, or brick with brick ... You combine by creating contours or dividing lines in the room also creates a significant lively for space.

Add motifs for wood flooring

Unlike the classic slippery flooring, the patterned floor is considered a new idea, suitable for modern style rooms. Thanks to that space inside the room becomes lively and new. Depending on the area and design of the room, how do you make the choice, consult experts to choose the most suitable type of wood flooring.

Use wallpaper for stairs

Floors are printed with sharp graphics with wallpaper, though this is a simple way, but it can save a lot of money. With this idea, changing the appearance of your stairs is easy

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