Bedroom design according to open structure

This is one of the most popular trends in interior design for small bedrooms, creating an open space which means taking full advantage of natural light sources. Bring a feeling like people and nature blend together. Furthermore, natural light is effective in expanding space.

To create this modern interior design style, you can use large, transparent glass windows and glass panels to attract light. To avoid the harsh sunshine at noon, you can combine with thin curtains, with gentle, elegant colors. The curtain just regulates and purifies the amount of light and is an eye-catching decoration, creating the touches and accents for your rest space.

Besides, the main color you choose for your bedroom also has a great impact on the expansion, creating space for space. If the bedroom is small you should choose bright colors like: Beige, white or light pink will create a more spacious feeling for the room. This is also a contributing factor to creating an open space for the bedroom.

Ensuring neatness and comfort

Modern interior design style can be applied to all large and small spaces if you cleverly arrange and arrange items so that science ensures neatness and ventilation. If you own a large bedroom, you can completely put a relaxing chair or book shelf, so you can entertain whenever in private space.

If the bedroom has a moderate size, you can also combine the decoration with a few artistic paintings or funny decorations as a highlight to dispel the empty feeling. The room will become more warm and lively.

Characteristic bold individual

Having a personal impression is the most popular design trend today because it not only expresses personality, but also expresses the owner's unique taste. You can absolutely decide on the dominant color, but avoid choosing too bright and brilliant colors to make you feel more comfortable every time you go to sleep.

Design is close to nature

Make the most of the open space to catch the sun every morning with the glass door system that will help you enjoy the fresh air. In addition, the arrangement of a few small pots in the room near the window is also a way to help your room become fresh and full of life.

Focus on colors

Bedroom furniture in modern style mainly takes neutral colors as the main color and colors such as gray, black and white, wood colors ... are some of the most commonly used colors. In addition, you can also choose bright color tones such as brown gold, pastel pink, navy blue ... if you want dynamic and youthful space.

Gentle colors help balance the energy source in the bedroom, arrange colors so as to harmonize, soothe the eyes that will make the nerves relax and sleep. The colors of the items in the room should be similarly harmonious instead of contrast so that the eyes are always comfortable.

Choose suitable furniture

With a bedroom style with modern style, the selection of furniture is mainly based on functional design, simple lines, elegant, harmonious colors.

Use versatile furniture

The use of multi-purpose furniture and multi-purpose use will be a popular trend today. For example, decorative shelves are combined with bookshelves, compact design, elegant colors, delicate and eye-catching. A desk with a chalkboard, or a wardrobe with a shoe cabinet, a bed with drawers ... are all versatile furniture that you can easily find on the market today to use use.


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