For the living room

The living room is the center of the house, the place to receive guests, so that the family can gather together so the living room interior design is very important. Design must ensure the scientific and rational and create a cozy and close and comfortable feeling for the owner. Since this is a relatively large space, you must pay attention to every detail of the lines, from color combinations to selection, proper furniture arrangement.

With adjacent houses, split plots like today, often tend to design the living room interior with maximum open space. Besides, when designing the adjoining living room, you should pay attention to choosing tiling for living room or wooden floor is also an appropriate choice when bringing luxury and modernity. Wall paint, or wallpaper, should be darker than the ceiling, lighter than the floor color.

Regarding installation of electrical equipment, allocate light to the living room you should choose the type of chandelier. Based on the space of the house, you will buy furniture such as furniture, pictures, mirrors, curtains ... to create a neat, tidy and relaxing feeling for the living room space. Apartments that incorporate a living room and a dining room are a scientific idea to save considerable space.

For the bedroom

Bedroom interior design with full amenities and the most important thing is still the amount of natural light from outside. The bedroom is designed with an open, simple space without many items to provide a comfortable feeling for sleep. Not only is the place to sleep alone, the bedroom is also a place to help the human spirit be relaxed and relaxed. Therefore, the bedroom layout must be discreet, quiet and dominant.

Bedroom furniture should be user friendly, you should use natural wood. Choosing a premium natural wood wardrobe will be the number one choice in your bedroom space. In addition, for small bedrooms, it is important to arrange furniture so that it is very important to have a fixed and spacious room.

For the kitchen

Design of kitchen space and dining table of adjacent apartment should follow the style of modern homogenous design. Using creamy yellow tones combined with the use of high quality wood furniture will bring a sense of lightness and modernity to the house. The system of kitchen cabinets extends to bring natural light to bring comfort. Kitchen cabinets designed in simple light directions, avoiding the feeling of being mysterious and dark. Dining table should be designed with small wooden furniture and neatly decorated in the middle of the room.

For the bathroom

The bathroom is a small usable area but carries a great function for use. Interior design experts recommend using stone materials in combination with glass to create a sophisticated bathroom interior space. Using neutral colors combined with decorative motifs to bring a unique bathroom interior space, personality creates a peaceful, relaxing and quiet feeling.

It can be said that in recent years, the trend of interior design of adjacent apartments has changed markedly to suit the hobby and modern life. In the past, homeowners were often quite affectionate with the closed space interior design, nowadays, the more open, versatile and flexible design spaces are more focused to bring convenience and closer. For example, instead of simple monochrome wall paint, the design trend now favor to use wallpaper, a good material to facilitate creation, easy change, choose style. as well as show the host's style and personality. At the same time, decorate more unique landscape paintings to increase the vitality of the room.



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