A beautiful and perfect room, the space of the room must be full of lighting system.

There is not enough light

Lights not only illuminate the bulbs but also change the mood and create ambience for the living room. A beautiful and perfect living room, the lighting system is quite important, the light and reasonable lighting layout will bring high efficiency and impressive for your home. To do this, your space must be full of lighting systems such as lights, windows, wells ... But do not buy bulky bulbs too, which will cause the ceiling to be down. and the room feels cramped.

Wrong size of carpet

With the modern living room, luxury, the addition of a carpet is an indispensable thing. Normally, carpet used in the living room is the whole room or a decorative area for tea reception, remember to choose the appropriate carpet size and area of ​​the room. Do not cut the carpet over the area of ​​the room or tea table will lose the balance and aesthetics for the entire living room.

                                                        Should choose the right size of carpet, room will be more perfect.

TV position

The best place to place your TV is at an empty wall and if the design is submerged, the better. Do not place the TV in front of too close or by the window. In addition, the distance between the TV and the sofa will depend on the size of the screen (about 3-5 times the diagonal of the screen).

Do not use pillows on the sofa

Cushions and pillows based at sopha will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. When choosing you need to consider to use material to match your sofa or chair. If the living room furniture is made of velvet or velor, the cotton or woven pillow will not fit.

Use low or too large furniture

The most common mistake made in the interior of the room is not suitable for the size usually sofa. If you have a large living room you can buy a spacious sofa. In contrast, a small living room should be appropriate for a two-seater sofa and a few armchairs. Or use the interior is completely wrong. It makes your living room look cramped.

Planting a small potted plant

Instead of planting sparse small pots of green trees and placing them all over the living room, you should replace a large pot and planted in the middle of the table space will look less sore eyes and discomfort.

                                                             You should plant a large pot in the middle of the table space.

Wall color is obsolete

The use of wall colors, old wallpaper also makes your living room less beautiful, even outdated. You should update the trend and decorate new walls to help new rooms, more luxurious.



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