The house is built on a rectangular land with an area of 18 m2, in a dead alley in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the home of a young family of couples and young children.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of limited area and limited height, architects Phan Khac Tung, Huynh Anh Tuan and colleagues at Mold Studio designed a "vertical" tube house with the function rooms of the father. location along the floor of the house.

Three sides around the house were surrounded by other houses. In order to avoid the sense of mystery, the architect decided to make the ventilation wall in the front. Inside the bright slits is a flexible open and closed glass door system to block dust.

The ceiling of the first floor is pushed higher than the normal houses, while helping the living room more open, while helping the homeowner can make an additional loft if later want to increase the area of use.

Along the first floor, the kitchen and dining-cum-dining area are raised to higher floors, to separate from the parking area in the evening.

The staircase is placed close to the house, taking advantage of the space below as a storage cabinet, toilet and bathroom.

The stairs of the house are minimized to save space and maintain a spacious atmosphere. However, when the child starts to walk away, the net will be installed in the railing and the spaces between the stairs.

The second floor is the family's bedroom. To avoid the winter sun for the bedroom from 9 to 11 am, the wall outside the bedroom is made thicker.

The bedroom as well as the whole house uses bright colors, creating a spacious feel.

On the third floor is a small bedroom for guests. When the child is older, this will be a baby bedroom.

Within the height of the house, to increase the area of use more than three floors, a small attic is located on the third floor, this is the workspace, reading of the host.

Despite the narrow space, the house still has space for greenery. In both bedrooms and reading loft there are small decorative plants.

e rooftop is used as a small vegetable garden.

The house has been introduced by many leading architecture websites such as Archdaily and Dezeen.

Drawings of plan and section.



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