The arrangement of interior balance and symmetry is the "golden rule" for the apartment has its own unique.

In addition, the furniture is also the product has beautiful design, unique. TV shelf, lounge chair, sofa, bar chair ... confirmed the great aesthetic taste of the owner.

Doors in the form of dome suitable for furniture arranged inside, box cookers located near the main door.

In addition to the main door system, windows are also the main source of natural light for the whole apartment during the day.

Dining table set by the window, a decorative pot of plants bring vitality to the space here.

Bookshelves are simple shelves close to the wall, a corner mirror helps natural light reflect better.

Wall paintings stand out on a dark blue wall.

The stove is small but neatly arranged and, unlike other areas in the house, the stove is mostly decorated in neutral tones.

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