Interior design suitable for each space

Living room, bedroom, kitchen are different in architecture, so the interior design is appropriate to ensure aesthetics and space for expansion.

In the living room, in order to bring the ventilation of the apartment is quite narrow, you can choose the compact set of furniture, arranged to one side of the room, limited height to ensure the ceiling corresponds to home and have a balance.

For bedrooms and kitchens, the interior design not forget to open the window to ensure natural light as well as light in the room. Use natural wood walnut to bring luxury class


Simple decoration

In addition to the appropriate interior design will help the apartment is more spacious, you need to pay attention to the selection of decorations for the space in the room. Because decorating directly affects the aesthetics and the broad effects of a home.

Choose simple and subtle decorations to make your living space a light, clear and attractive place. If you choose wall paintings, choose the picture with soul, content and meaning to your house depth. Besides, if you choose landscaping, flowers, wall clocks ... as decorative objects, be sure to arrange them in a fixed place in the house, colors suitable for furniture and painting walls.


Pay attention to the depth of space

A deep space with many subtle changes bring luxury beauty, so the architects did not hesitate to put forward the solution of space design for feeling comfortable, comfortable.

Ensure the spacious, airy

A beautiful design also needs to be spacious, although the area may not be large, but can transform and arrange objects in a reasonable way for the room, feeling clear. It is the ingenuity of choosing, using intelligent furniture system to ensure absolute aesthetics.

Choice of luxury colors

The combination of luxury colors in apartment design is indispensable art, so can not ignore the color scheme so that space becomes luxurious and in accordance with the preferences, style of home .


Arrange neat, tidy, clean hygiene

A messy and unhygienic house will create a chilly, uncomfortable atmosphere for the owner, so keep your living space neat and clean. It is also a solution to increase the spacious space, creating a fresh atmosphere for the activities of family members.

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