The problem of space arrangement, interior decoration for an apartment with a small area so as to ensure the aesthetics while ensuring the ability is always a problem for each homeowner. There are many "visual deceptions" that homeowners can apply to create space effects for their beautiful little apartment.

                                                                   White color creates a spacious apartment.

Choose bright colors

Bright colors always make space look more spacious than dark. Choosing the color of the wall paint, interior color ... in white, cream or pastel will make the vision easier to deceive, create a feeling of spacious apartment, much wider than the real area. In particular, white walls combined with white or gray furniture will make the apartment not only increase the area but also become modern and elegant.

Prioritize natural light

Small apartments need more light to look cool, bright. Not only that, a living space filled with light also bring pleasant feeling, peaceful.

                                                       Window to receive natural light into the house

Natural light sources will often help to clear air than to use artificial light sources. The light taken from the window is one of the best natural light sources for residential space. Therefore, the window design should be large. Also, note the texture and color of window blinds. Curtains of thick, heavy, dark colors can bring luxury to the home but also bring heavy feeling and light. To keep the house from being dark, it is recommended to use curtains made of thin, light, bright colors, which can prevent heat but still let light pass.

Multifunctional furniture

With the narrow area of ​​the apartment, the use of furniture with cumbersome design, large size will feel cramped, shabby. To make the most of space, it is best to use multifunctional furniture.

                                                        Choice of multifunctional interior to save space

The built-in wardrobe is wall-to-wall, the bed with drawers under the bed or the sofa is for sitting and can be extended into single beds. The homeowner can refer to.

Less space in the apartment

Often, people spatialize space to create a clear sense of the function of the room. However, with smaller units, dividing up into separate rooms is not really necessary. Because the rooms are divided by walls, the space becomes narrow, not to limit the ability of the whole apartment. Restricting partitioning of rooms will make the apartment more airy and brighter thanks to the lighting system throughout the rooms.

                                                  Restrictions on zoning of rooms help the apartment airy.

If it is necessary to have areas of space with specific functions, instead of hard-walled concrete walls, it is advisable to use a stylish, so that the light can penetrate and easily disassemble and move. This will help the owner have a private space needed but still ensure the ventilation of the apartment.

Limit unnecessary decorations

                                          Use only decorations when you want to create a focal point for the apartment

The decorations help the apartment become pretty, eye-catching, showing the personality of the owner. However, in a small space, the use of too many ornaments will create confusion, confusion. Homeowners should minimize the use of unnecessary ornaments. Use only a few colorful decorations, design highlights to highlight the apartment.

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