For the important things of life as building repairs, Vietnamese people always conceive "there is no healing". Remembering the following taboos will help the homeowner to grasp the issues that need to be avoided when repairing homes to bring home the hygiene.

Nên xem tuổi, chọn giờ lành tháng tốt nếu sửa sang, cải tạo nhiều.

See age, choose a good month

Many people think that building a new home is important to see the age and choose a good day, but repair is not necessary to pay attention to the above. According to feng shui experts, it is true that if only minor repairs, the homeowner does not necessarily see the age, choose the date and time. However, if repairing, renovating as much as lifting the floor, roof repairs, change the design of the room ... the owner must see the age, good time to repair the feng shui.

The main purpose of choosing a home remodeling period is to find out when the home has a gas mileage, thereby activating and replenishing it. At the same time, also know the house has bad gas in time to neutralize. If the repair of the house has a time with the owner's age, it will activate the good flow of energy, the construction will take place smoothly, favorable, bring good luck to the landlord.

Note the color choice

According to the Five Elements, the environment consists of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Each element has its own characteristic color. When repairing, wearing a new "color" for your home, apart from the aesthetic factor, should choose the color matching with the owner's destiny.

                                             Choosing color paint destined for homeowners will bring good luck.

If the master ship should choose blue or gray, the par wood is selected brown or green, par is red, turkey is brown, yellow, Kim is white. Homeowners can also choose color in the direction of the same, for example, the fireman can choose the color of the wood (Moc) under the principle Wood fire.

Do not forget about the fortune when renovating the living room

The living room is the face of the whole house, where guests welcome, where show aesthetic taste, economic potential. Therefore, this is considered one of the most important space.

                                        The square, symmetrical living room will help to create air conditioning.

In feng shui perspective, living room square, symmetrical will help air conditioning, circulation smoothly. Therefore, if the living room is in a state of distortion, folding, when repairing the house, the home should design the living room square, this not only feng shui but also makes the room feel wide. Clear, bright and beautiful.

Renovation and repair of the living room also do not forget the location of fortune. This is the position from the entrance with the corner of the living room, if this position is defective or go straight to another space will adversely affect the property of the landlord.

Avoid the kitchen opposite the door

According to the concept of the ancient, open the door to see the kitchen, the money is missing. Therefore, the kitchen set opposite the door is a violation of Feng Shui, will cause loss of fortune, even affect the health of family members. At best, the homeowner should not design kitchen set opposite the door, balcony door, bedroom door ... If too difficult to arrange the kitchen, can be resolved by making curtains, shelves, walls ... to cover barrier

                                                      Do not leave the front and back doors on the same line.

In feng shui, the flow of the door just needs to move slowly in the house and store as much energy as possible. The balance and harmony of the energy flow will be broken when the front and back doors are in a straight line as they will promote the flow as fast and furious as a waterfall.

Do not place the toilet in the center of the house

The center of the house, also known as the Middle Arch, is like the heart of man, so it plays a very important role. If the Chinese are not clean, their health and financial resources will go down.

                                                  Should place toilet positions away from the center of the house

The toilet is a bad place to produce gas, if it is placed in the middle of the house, it will cause all rooms in the house to be contaminated gas, affecting the whole family. Therefore, when fixing the house, it is important to pay special attention to the position of the toilet to avoid the central position.



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